Here comes Christmas
One year too soon
One final holiday gone to ruin
Here comes Christmas
Dead from the cold
I'm feeling crotchety, glum, and old

Someone decided this day would be fun
Someone who I choose to shun
Out on the sidewalk the carolers sing
Incessant bells they do ring (Fa lala la la)

Here comes Christmas
Let's kill a tree
Let's make a mockery by decree
One more Christmas
What's my desire?
What will incinerate in the fire

Re-gifted, recycled, rock hard fruitcake
Must be some kind of mistake
One more bad Christmas, heartless and cruel
Here I sit eating my gruel (Fa lala la la)
There was a snowman
Well liked by other snowmen
He was impeccably dressed
He was an actor
But it was not a factor
When his warm personality
Caused his fatality

And now, silence...
Save for one voice...
Telling me snowmen have no choice
"Love," she said, "Please, have no remorse"
It's Mother Nature setting her course

Warming and thawing my icy facade
I'm feeling frightfully odd
Give me a second, I need to relax
I've an urge to go shopping at Saks
Ok, whatever, I give in, you win!
Oh what an asshole I've been (Oh no! Fa lala la la)
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