45 RPM

Listen to my 45s
It's 1am that's no surprise
Rodney is on the ROQ
No more time is on the clock
Blame you, don't blame me
Take it up to 45...RPM
Billy rides a motorbike
Lookin' for that sound he likes
Don't want no MP3
CD or thirty-three...RPM
Be at Denny's around noon
Ride a rocket to the moon
Buy a ticket to Disneyland
Gettin' lost in Frontier Land
Listen to my 45s...Hey hey hey
Can I bum a cigarette
I don't want to light it yet
I'll just stand here wastin' time
Go outside and wait in line
Another fun night on Sunset
The rain is going to make you wet
She will treat you like a pet
I want to buy a jumbo jet
Something I do not have yet
The Whisky a Go Go
The records there are too slow
The records are way too slow
Bring em up to 45...RPM, RPM
Jukebox playin' at 45
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