I met a bird who wouldn't fly, who wouldn't sing
He wouldn't look at me, I tried everything
His mind is troubled, that much I can tell
Then he turned around and said "my life is hell"

'cuz the fat cats are circlin', the rent they're callin' in
They kicked him to the ground like it's some sort of sin

I met a bird who thinks now it's sink or swim
This ain't right, let's start all over again
We'll pray for better days from down on our knees
You're gonna fly to the top of the trees

Oh my feathered friend, how you do belong
The sun is rising on yet another dawn
We've seen better days, now that much is true
Might I suggest we all start something new

Now my bird has got determined eyes
I heard him say, to my surprise
Before I grow old, until rust turns to gold
I'll make a better place, let my story be told

I met a bird who's only outlook was dim
I held out my hand and he hopped in
There are days when we don't feel so well
Don't base your happiness on what others sell

But the land sharks are circlin', the loans they're callin' in
And I said don't worry, let the outcry begin and again and again oh

Now all the birds were callin' out from the trees
We'll make a better world, no apologies
He built a nice house, with neighbors dropping in
I wave to him with a wink and a grin
I met a bird who learned to fly, who learned to sing
He has everything and feels like a king
He has everything just like a king
He has everything, they call him The King
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