High-gear down the highway in my brand-new Chevrolet
Sundown, man it's getting late, hardly keep my mind on the drive
Yeah I'm finally goin' home, my exit's on the right
Gee, that's funny, look a' here, there's nothin' but a dirt country road
Now I think I'm seein' things
People everywhere
And oh! Who's that hayseed over there?
Oh...he done a' sit in my best chair

Hayseed, hayseed, hey hey hey

Sittin' on the back porch lookin' down a country mile
Here comes Uncle Jompy and his 3-legged barkin' dog Patsy-Jo
Someone rings the dinner bell and hollers "Come and get it!"
There comes my Aunt Henry with her favorite seven bean casserole
And somethin' I don't recognize
It looks a little rare
But oh...who's that hayseed over there?
Oh...he got more than his fair share

Hayseed, hayseed, hey hey hey

These are all my relatives
They are all hayseeds

Relatives are kin folk, be they distant pedigree
Some look like just like animals climbin' up my old family tree
Take my picture, put it in your book of memories
Meet my nephew Cheddar, wife Jemima, and their niece Emily
One by one they look me
Sure hope they approve
But oh...who's that hayseed over here?
Oh...could it be me in year?

Hayseed, hayseed, hey hey hey

We are all just family
We are all hayseeds

Hayseed, hayseed
There's a bit of hayseed
In each and every one of us
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