There's a man we all need to know
He can plant a seed and make it grow

All the while he's folding the pages
History as told through the ages

All he wanted was a place in time
All he needed was a placid mind

Call to pilgrimage, all the truth you can swallow
Climb atop his hill, all his life you will follow

Zeke the sheik, the path you seek is forgiving
Zeke the sheik, he built a life out of living

Zeke the sheik, all you seek is the flower
Zeke the sheik, kill the weak for the power

A day within is like a day without
Then one day they came and took him out

Zeke the sheik, his mountain peak is on fire
Zeke the sheik, the council deemed him a liar
Zeke the sheik, he turned his cheek to the other
Zeke the sheik, he's gone to sleep on his mantra

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